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From a hidden aquifer in Alabama to becoming your trusted source for the purest artesian water.

About KAO Distribution

Our Journey

KAO Distribution LLC was founded by four Fortt siblings. We distribute Eleven86 Water, which is a product of our parent company.

One day, there was an aquifer in Autaugaville.

KAO Distribution, LLC, was created with a mission to bring the purest water to the market. In the heart of Alabama, in the quiet town of Autaugaville, someone discovered a hidden treasure: a confined aquifer containing some of the purest water on Earth. They wanted to share this exceptional water!

The aquifer gave birth to Eleven86 Real Artesian Water.

This aquifer, untouched by man for thousands of years and naturally filtered by layers of rock and sand, has produced incredibly pure water. Recognizing its potential, they tapped into this pristine source to provide the freshest, purest, and most delicious water available. Eleven86 Real Artesian Water was born.

Now, KAO Distribution, LLC brings this water to you.

Our commitment is to deliver Eleven86 Real Artesian Water, ensuring that you and your customers experience the best water you have ever tasted. By bringing this natural wonder directly to retailers, we offer the finest artesian water on the market, helping you stand out in a competitive marketplace.

The Faces Behind KAO Distribution

Get to know the dedicated and passionate individuals who drive the success of KAO Distribution, LLC, committed to delivering excellence.

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