Omar Fortt

Omar Fortt is a Division 1 football player at the University of Connecticut in Storrs, CT, where he balances his responsibilities as a student-athlete and marketing specialist for KAO Distribution, LLC. He manages a rigorous schedule, dedicating 30 hours per week to team practices, games, meetings, and other administrative tasks while maintaining a full-time academic course load. Omar actively participates in community service events that promote cohesiveness among team members and foster community support for UConn athletic programs.

Omar's leadership extends to his role on the UConn Football Leadership Council, where he leads 13 teammates in the defensive backs and linebacker position groups. He prioritizes roles to enhance overall team performance, mentors teammates to achieve team goals, and fosters a united brotherhood. He ensures compliance among team members to assist the Director of Football Operations in maintaining optimal performance levels and upholding the standards of UConn football.

In addition, Omar served as Vice President of the UConn Student Athlete Equity Coalition, where he worked to protect and empower student-athletes. He created a platform for leading action against discrimination, negotiating for the empowerment and protection of a diverse student-athlete community, and fostering partnerships between student-athletes and Athletic Department administrators.

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