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Experience the unmatched taste and quality of Eleven86 Real Artesian Water.

Luxury Water

Eleven86 Real Pure Artesian Water

This ultra-premium water brand, exclusively sourced domestically and bottled directly at the source, is a unique offering in the US market. Unlike other imported artesian water brands, ours stands out for its domestic origin and reasonable price. It is FDA-approved and boasts a perfect pH level 6.9, free from any chemicals, metals, toxins, fillers, preservatives, or additives. Bottled at the source, it's a testament to our commitment to quality.

Delivery is only available from 10 cases or more.
If you would like to order more than 10 Cases, please reach to us to provide a quotation.

Pick-up location: 23 Hoyt Street #4, Stamford CT 06905



The Benefits of Eleven86 Real Artesian Water

Discover the exceptional qualities of our premium artesian water.

Directly from the Source

The Water is sourced directly from a pristine artesian aquifer in Autaugaville, Alabama, ensuring unparalleled purity.

FDA Approved Water

Our water is FDA-approved, meeting the highest safety and quality standards for bottled water.

Naturally Rich in Minerals

Our artesian water is naturally rich in essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium, promoting health.

Sustainable Practices

We prioritize sustainable practices, including eco-friendly packaging and responsible sourcing for the environment.

Consistently Pure and Refreshing

Enjoy the consistently pure, refreshing taste of Eleven86 Real Artesian Water, free from contaminants and additives.

Convenient 500 ml Size

Our water is available in a convenient 500 ml size, perfect for on-the-go hydration and everyday use.

Real Artesian Water

Eleven86 Real Artesian Water, esteemed for its purity, originates from a confined aquifer, nestled deep beneath the Earth's surface. Shielded from pollutants by layers of impermeable rock or clay, this pristine water source remains untainted by human interference. To access this hidden treasure, a well must be skillfully crafted, allowing the water to rise naturally to the surface under its own pressure. This natural filtration process ensures that Artesian water is not just a beverage but a testament to nature's purity and resilience.


Your Questions, Answered

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