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Welcome to KAO Distribution, LLC

Welcome to KAO Distribution, LLC, your trusted partner in premium bottled water distribution. We are a family-owned business dedicated to serving a diverse range of retailers across the NYC tri-state area, Connecticut, and Boston. As the Northeast distribution arm of Eleven86 Real Artesian Water, we are committed to delivering high-quality, ultra-premium bottled water that stands out in a competitive market.

Our mission is to make pure, refreshing artesian water accessible and affordable for your customers, enhancing their hydration experience. Join us in our commitment to excellence, community engagement, and promoting a healthier lifestyle through superior water quality.

Eleven86 Real Artesian Water

Eleven86 Real Artesian Water is sourced from the pristine artesian wells in Autaugaville, Alabama, offering unparalleled purity and taste. Our water is naturally filtered, ensuring it remains untouched by contaminants and rich in essential minerals. With a perfect pH level of 6.9 and no added chemicals, metals, or preservatives, Eleven86 Real Artesian Water delivers a crisp, refreshing taste that your customers will love.

Our commitment to quality and sustainability means that every bottle provides not just hydration, but a premium experience. Elevate your water offerings with Eleven86, where purity meets excellence and every sip supports a healthier lifestyle.

Scalability and Flexibility

Our scalable operations and flexible options in sizes and prices cater to the unique needs of various retail partners.

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing structures tailored for retail outlets, ensuring affordability and attractive profit margins.

Black-Owned Business

Proudly owned and operated by the Fortt siblings, KAO Distribution, LLC is committed to community empowerment.

Consistent Supply Chain

We ensure a reliable and consistent supply of premium bottled water to meet the demands of your business.

Bulk Pricing and Savings

Take advantage of our bulk pricing options to save costs and increase your profit margins for your business.

Job Opportunities and Support

Our operations create job opportunities and support local communities, fostering economic growth and stability.

The Northeast Distribution Arm of Eleven86 Water

We supply to:

NYC Tri-State Area



Delivery is available in Fairfield and New Haven counties for minimum orders of 15 cases or more. Pickup orders are at @ 23 Hoyt Street, Suite #4, Stamford, CT