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You can purchase ELEVEN86 water at the following locations:

- Stamford, CT: Juice Kings
36 Atlantic St Retail Suite B, Stamford, CT 06901
- Downtown Stamford, CT: The Original Papa's Pizza
201 Main St, Stamford, CT 06901

Additionally, delivery is available in Fairfield and New Haven counties for minimum orders of 15 cases or more. Pickup orders can be made at:

- Pickup Location: 23 Hoyt Street, Suite #4, Stamford, CT 06902

Eleven86 Real Artesian Water comes from Autaugaville, Alabama, where it is sourced and bottled.

"Eleven86" means life, and like all things in life nothing is perfect, it is the imperfections that make life worthwhile. Our name is one of the examples of our imperfections, but we at Eleven86 Real Artesian Water found the beauty in our mistake. Our name comes for the chapters of the bible and ends with a 6 being the creation of mankind.

Eleven86 Real Artesian Water stands as a reminder that your humilities are not the end and with dedication and hard work you can make something beautiful happen.

"Wherever the water flows there will be life".

Eleven86 Real Artesian Water's pH is 6.9.

Artesian water is water that comes from a confined aquifer, meaning it is stored well below the Earth's surface, untouched by any contaminants, and can only be reached by the creation of a well.

Yes, our PET (plastic) bottles are 100% recyclable. Each of our bottles contains the "recycle" symbol on the back.

No, Eleven86 Real Artesian Water has never contained bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical used to make plastic and resin. We are BPA-free!

Eleven86 Real Artesian Water currently only offers one size (16.9 fl oz/500 ml). More sizes will be available soon! Check our social media pages for updates!

Eleven86 Real Artesian Water is an ultra-premium brand, meaning it offers some of the purest water (pH 6.9), with no added chemicals, additives, or preservatives, making it one of the smoothest waters on the market—all for an even more incredible price. Learn more about our water!

No, Eleven86 Real Artesian Water is not considered an alkaline water.

Yes, we are a black-owned business, with the CEO, COO, and all founding partners being African American. Meet the team! 

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